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Vidya Raja May 22, 2006 11:45

Cleaning up operations

I have a complex geometry that I'm trying to mesh. But there are many problems that I need to tackle before meshing, the first of which is cleaning up of short edges. I have tried using the FACE MERGE and VERTEX CONNECT options, but neither worked....... I'm assuming this is bcoz I do not know how to use it properly.

How do we decide which faces or edges to merge? When I looked at these specific edges in question, they are in such a way that they can't be merged with any of the adjacent ones. So how do I tackle the problem of cleaning up these edges?

Also, how do we check the skewness of the edges, faces etc?

Thanks, Vidya

Siddharth Khowala May 22, 2006 12:28

Re: Cleaning up operations
hi Could u please share the geometry u wish to mesh because that would be helpful.Also if u wish to clean up edges(which i did not understand)my guess would be that u are either trying to delete them or join them,In the latter case thr is an option to join edges in gambit under create edge option.Please forgive my ignorance if the above seem to be trivial.


Vidya Raja May 22, 2006 13:42

Re: Cleaning up operations

Can you send me your email address so taht I can send you the file?

Thanks, Vidya

Vidya Raja May 22, 2006 14:17

Re: Cleaning up operations
Hi, How can I delete the dges in question? that would distort my geometry. Is there any other leeway around this?


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