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Ralf Schmidt May 23, 2006 06:22

grid adaption mode NOT selectable via VNC

I have a strange problem: When I access the Workstation (where Fluent is running on) via VNC, I can NOT modify the grid adaption mode (adapt-> controls... it is fixed on hanging nodes!!!).

When I (or someone else) opens the same cas and dat file directly on the workstation, the grid adaption mode can be modified, even if someone else opens it via VNC.

So I thing my VNC is the problem... what VNC settings could effect the selectable options in Fluent???. Has someone experienced something like this???

Any Idea?


p.s.: I know, conformal grid adaption is only available for 2D or axisymmetric geometries. I have both, and the mesh can be adapted with the conformal nodes option, when someone else opens it or I open it directly NOT via VNC...

Peter May 23, 2006 10:23

Re: grid adaption mode NOT selectable via VNC
Try to start Fluent with the -driver x11 switch. For example:

fluent 3ddp -driver x11

VNC is a very convenient tool. However it does not support fancy X extensions including OpenGL. The '-driver x11' switch forces fluent to use the default X11 settings which should not cause any problems.

Ralf Schmidt May 24, 2006 02:35

thats it!

thats it!!! It works! I never thought, that it will be so easy!

Thanks a lot man!


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