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Vidya Raja May 23, 2006 11:31

Error while meshing

I get the following error messageand warning while meshing my geometry. Can someone please explain what they mean? In the end, GAMBIT also displays a message that says that tetrahedral meshing falied for the v_ volume.

WARN: A size function is already associated with v_volume 9. Thus the requested uniform size function will be ignored during meshing.

face_ctr outside c295441 circumsphere.

ERROR: TG_Mesh_Domain failed with error code 1.

Can someone tell me how to fix these problems?

Thanks, Vidya

karuna May 23, 2006 15:11

Re: Error while meshing
Hi, i think..(i dont remember exactly but i did get this kind of errors at times) this occurs when the meshes of the faces have different ratios and functions used compared to what u want to mesh the volume with. i dont clearly remember but try using some paved or other form of nonuniform meshing. (sorry if this doesnt help)

Vidya Raja May 23, 2006 17:49

Re: Error while meshing
I gave the default type of Tet/hybrid. Still, didn't work. Any suggestions??

karuna May 23, 2006 19:00

Re: Error while meshing
hi, if u have specified the meshing scheme for any of the faces, u may have to erase it fist and then use the tet/hyb scheme. as far as i remember, this problem occurs when an adjacent volume/face is meshed using a particular scheme and then u r trying to mesh this volume using a different scheme. if needed, send ur mesh and may be i can check.... thank you

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