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Adriano May 23, 2006 15:04

hI, with this little UDF I have to impose this simple BC to a Porous Jump interior surface: 1 - if particle identity is equal to selected number, trap particle; else 2 - apply the 'interior' attribute to my surface, so continue with tracking particle.

the problem is: in case 2 - particles stop their run! It is wrong!!!!! Sigh please any suggestions?!? I'll be crazy very soon!

Many thanx to helper!!

Cheers Adriano

ps: this is the code.



int select,l;

FILE *fp;

/*TO call function that makes the comparison */

select=confronta(p->part_id, a);

if (select==1)


Message("select = %d part_id ferma = %d\n",select,p->part_id);


fprintf(fp,"((%10.6g %10.6g %10.6g %10d %10d %10.6g %10.6g %10.6g) %d)\n",p->state.pos[0],p->state.pos[1],p->state.pos[2],t,f,f_normal[0],f_normal[1],f_normal[2],p->part_id);





if (select==0)




return l;


touyet April 25, 2017 03:12

I stuck on this problem..
Did you get any answer of it??

ctw987 April 26, 2017 02:03


Originally Posted by touyet (Post 646412)
I stuck on this problem..
Did you get any answer of it??

hi touyet!

you stuck on that problem?

i got answer! plz call me now

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