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karuna May 23, 2006 19:08

help using porous jump
hi all,

i need to create a thin membrane inside a volume and give the porous jump condition. but whenever i create a face inside a volume and specify the porous jump boundary condition and export it to fluent, the face disappears and everything is taken as interior. how can create and specify a face in the interior and specify it as porous jump? thank you very much in advance

Adriano May 24, 2006 11:27

Re: help using porous jump
Porous jump in fluent is a particular condition applied to a interior face of fluid. If you have problems importing your model from gambit, try to assign a different condition to your porous face in mesh, than, after importing in fluent, try to apply your porous contition in \boundary contition menu. I hope it's helpful. regards.


karuna May 25, 2006 00:58

Re: help using porous jump
thank you Adriano, i did try this quite a few times for other boundaries. but for this porous jump problem, the face needs to be double sided interior as per the manual. even if i change it to any other type of boundary condition, any face inside the fluid zone is not recognised by fluent except as an interior.

adriano May 25, 2006 04:01

Re: help using porous jump
In this case it's maybe necessary to use a UDF such DEFINE_PROFILE or samething similar. U must apply your condition only on face side interessed with a face loop or similar. Adriano

moun139 September 5, 2013 12:27

double sides thin membrane
I woul like to set velocity and concentration in both sides of a thin membrane in fluent ,but i cant ,because the porous jump panel had not place where we can put theses condition , is it a sujestion ?

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