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Cyril May 24, 2006 05:49

How to add a boundary condition with journal cmd
I've got a basis geometry (geom1) to which I'm adding another geometry, parametrised, with a journal (geom2). Everything's ok but the boundary conditions !

My wall, for example, is composed of 2 parts : edge.1 (geom1) and edge.100 (geom2).

I've already "hand"set the bc in the first geometry (edge.1=cold [name of the wall]), and I would like to add edge.100 in "cold". Hope I'm clear enough !!! ;)

I tried the following command : physics modify "cold" btype "WALL" edge "edge.100" but it erase edge.1 and finaly i've got cold=edge.100 (instead of both !)

Does anybody here knows how to do ?? Thanks !!

sadoun May 26, 2006 03:28

Re:How to add a boundary condition to my geometry
I have tow open valves in DISI engines so how can select the sutible boundary conditions to solve my problems

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