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whpsoft May 24, 2006 10:22

Problem about FLUENT-MPCCI-ABAQUS FSI simulation!
After I model a two-phase flow in fluent, a structure in abaqus, MPCCI always tell me no coupling nodes when I use ABAQUS-MPCCI-FLUENT v3.04 to couple FSI problem. I build a dynamic wall In Fluent(original wall and its shadows are interface), a shell element plane in abaqus (its POS and Neg surface are interface) respectively. After scaning In MPCCI, Fluent dynamic wall become six walls, three are original walls, three for its shadows. I have set all six dynamic walls to coupling interface of FLUENT. But when I run the FSI model, MPCCI tell me some errors occured: no coupling nodes. please tell me whether MPCCI can coupling with two-phase flow (Fluent) and structure(Abaqus) or not? Why does a coupling wall in multiphase flow become three walls and what's relation are they? How to tackle my problem?

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