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Emmanuel May 24, 2006 18:53

Modeling a pulsejet and an ejector

I am trying to model a pulsejet and an ejector as shown on figure 3 (page 3) of this paper.

I built an axisymetric model with GAMBIT adding a boundary from the top of the pulsejet tailpipe to the top of the inlet radius (as shown in the the figure). This boundary I assigned as "symmetry". Is that a good approach?

My main problem is, how do I model this problem in FLUENT? For example, pressure inlet? Velocity inlet? UDF? Currently I have the pulsejet as pressure inlet and the ejector outlet as pressure outlet, and no boundary condition assigned to the ejector inlet. Page 3 & 4 describes the pulsejet source.

Thank you for your help in advance, I may have some follow-up questions.

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