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Amr May 26, 2006 05:46

Fluent Treatment of mixed boundary condition HELP
HI all,

I have been doing an unsteady 3D simulation for smoke and heat dispersion inside rooms. The source of both is like a trash basket. To introduce heat and smoke, the following options came to my mind:

1- To creat a volumetric heat source by setting a separate "fluid region" (call it fire region) in gambit and then define the heat source in Fluent. The same goes for CO2 and H2O as mass sources.

2-To creat the heat source as in (1) but avoiding the mass sources by setting the bottom of the (fire region above) as a mass flow inlet with a defined mass concentrations of CO2 and H2O.

Having said that, I wonder what happens when fluent sees my inputs in option (2). The fire region is a thin volume separated from the room volume by an "Interior" boundary face. Now, the mass flow inlet is not defined at this interior boundary face but rather defined at the bottom of the "fire region" thin volume. Is this a problem??? Could anybody guide me what option to use above???

Await your responses.

Cheers, Amr

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