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Vidya Raja May 26, 2006 17:23

How many nodes to create a mesh??
Hi, When I try to mesh my geometry, I get error messsage saying that some of the faces have less than three boundary nodes and so couldn't be meshed. I don't understand this - why does a mesh need at least 3 boundary nodes? How does that influence meshing?

I have 2 tiny edges of the order of 1E-5 and I simply am not able to delete them or do any other modification to suppress their effect. Does someone have any suggestions to deal with this problem? Also, since my geometry is complex, I have several sharp and twisted angles, angular surfaces etc.

Whatever I do, the meshing operation just fails. Any suggections????

Thanks, Vidya

chankhar May 27, 2006 14:12

Re: How many nodes to create a mesh??
can you send me geometry chankhar

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