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senthil May 30, 2006 14:19

cd of sphere
sir i am trying to model flow over sphere in 3d, but i am not getting the experimental coefficent of drag 1.45 for the Reynolds no of 100. Anybody can guess the reason. Thanks in advance

ramp May 30, 2006 14:45

Re: cd of sphere
May be I can guess the reason but you have to write in detail abt the solution procedure like coordinate system, boundary conditions etc...

Have you tried to benchmark the 2-D results?

farokh May 31, 2006 04:38

Re: cd of sphere
hi dear senthil excuse me i same you have some problems in my work. i dont understand how to use the cfd_online site (how to post my message?and how can see responses that friens send to me ?)please send me an email and say to me how i can send message and how i can take friendes in forum responses? i work by fluent and gambit. my email is farokh_khaledi at site it send error if i write my complet email for this i write it in abov espace. thank you

san June 1, 2006 05:22

Re: cd of sphere

Try to refine the mesh near the walls of sphere more.

i hope this may solve your problem.

I had worked on flow past cylinder.

but i was not having any experimental data to compare such work.

if you like to share things on this please forward the material to my email-id it will be very helpful.

my mail-id is

bye san

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