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karuna May 31, 2006 00:12

axysymmetric swirl
Hi, has anyone worked with anysymmetric swirl?...did u have lotts of problems with convergence?

i'm trying to simulate axysymmetric flow in a cyclone...and i have trouble with convergence inspite of following the fluent instructions to first enable and sovle the swirl component eqs and then go for the other coponents of momentum eqs and so on... but i have divergence and error occurs saying diergence in AMG solver... can anyone please let me know of cautions or tips to handle axysymmetric flows? thanks a ton...

ps: does a bad mesh result in divergence???

Claud May 31, 2006 02:01

Re: axysymmetric swirl
Hi Karuna, a bad mesh can also cause bad convergence. Did you check your worst element in Gambit? I am also working with axysymmetric flows and I don`t face a problem with convergence. I even solve all equations from the first iteration on. Maybe you should also reduce some of your under relaxation factors to get a converged solution. Hope that helps a bit. Claud

karuna May 31, 2006 17:49

Re: axysymmetric swirl
Hi Cluad, Thanks a lot. I did solve axysymmetric problems...and they work but my trouble is with swirl.. its a simple problem like flow in a cyclone kind... but i still have trouble.. could you give me ur id so that i can send my geometry and u can take a look at? thanks a ton karuna

Claud June 1, 2006 01:52

Re: axysymmetric swirl
Hi Karuna, I can have a look at your geometry and mesh. Just sent it to Claud

Claud June 2, 2006 07:09

Re: axysymmetric swirl
Hi Karuna, did you try to send it to me already? Claud

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