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Abhilash Chandy June 2, 2006 17:07

UDF error : DEFINE_PROPERTY with PDF Model
I compiled and built a DEFINE_PROPERTY to calculate a customized density for a simulations where I am using the Composition PDF Transport model as the combustion model. It compiled and built without any problems.

However while running the code for a non-reacting case it gives me the error

" Error: get_udf_function: function calc_density::libudf has wrong type: 44!=2 "

I know this usually happens if you hook the UDF at the wrong place. Currently it is hooked at the 'Materials properties' panel for density. I tried something else though, I changed the combustion model from 'Composition PDF Transport' to 'Species Transport' and it began to work.

Anyone knows why the DEFINE_PROPERTY for calculating density is incompatible with the composition PDF transport model. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Abhilash Chandy.

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