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Yasser Nabavi June 3, 2006 18:39

Not to display warnings?
Hi everyone: I'm trying to do some simulations in FLUENT and I'm getting "reverse flow" or "turbulence viscoity ratio ..." warnings. Does anyone have any idea how to avoid displaying them on the consule? I just want them not to be displayed cause displaying them makes the simulation time much longer.

Thanks in advance


aPpA June 3, 2006 21:49

Re: Not to display warnings?
go into "/solve/set/flow-warnings?" in the fluent console (text user interphase) and then fluent will ask if you want to enable the flow warning messages. you can disable them by typing "no". good luck

Yasser June 4, 2006 03:27

Re: Not to display warnings?
Many thanks for your help. I've got rid of "reverse flow" warnings but I still get "turbulent viscosity limited to .....". Is there any way to hide them too? Thanks alot



aPpA June 4, 2006 08:27

Re: Not to display warnings?
you can ignore them in "solve/set/limiter-warnings?"(no). But i doubt if u want to ignore the viscosity limiting warning. I usually get the viscosity warning at the starting of the simulations, just until the solution gets stabilized. If the warning still appears later too, then i think there might be a problem with the problem setup. think about it. gl

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