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Carlos V. June 4, 2006 20:44

Pressure Vessel
Hi everybody:

I must simulate the adsorption of hydrogen by a porous medium. So I've programed 2 UDS's to do that. However, the simulation must be in a closed pressurized container (pressure vessel). I've already imported the geometry and mesh from Gambit, but since I've no inlets or Outlets, I just can't reach the way to specify the pressure and the species in the closed vessel!I read I could use "Patching" but I'm not taking any result from there. I must input a pressure of 10 bar in the interior of the vessel and I must also input the quantities of the species (uniformly distributed) inside it. Can anyone help me?!I guess it's a simple thing to do, but I'm not really getting the way to do that.I think this is possible to simulate in Fluent, so please help me.

Best Regards:

Carlos V.

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