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Peter Jansen June 5, 2006 06:34

3D shell and tube heat exchanger
My final proyect is about a shell and tube CFD. I need to obtain pressure drop and eficience results. My first task is develope the mesh. The hot fluid is gas and the coolant is water. I want to mesh the tubes too. I would like to receive some advices about the mesh. Boundary layer is a important point but i wouldnt like to increase too much number of cells. In Fluent...what turbulent model should i use? what about 1rs or 2nd order in discretization scheme? I have done some meshes and i get good results in pressure but results in temperature aren't good enough. Thanks in advance

Ben Lamek June 5, 2006 14:51

Re: 3D shell and tube heat exchanger
Do not use tetrahedral mesh in fluent for dual heat transfer (sold/fluid) results are no good according to heat exchanger conference. Do not forget to take in account buoyancy.


Peter Jansen June 7, 2006 07:01

Re: 3D shell and tube heat exchanger
Thanks for your answer. My geometry is really complex. What about a layer of prims in the heat transfer surfaces? how can i take in account the buoyancy in fluent?(i'm novice ni Fluent). I had thought about make velocity & pressure gradient adaption.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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