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naser June 7, 2006 12:08

multiphase model & separation
Hi every body

Actually my model is a horizontal pipe with oil/water flow.

If it is possible, I would like to directing me which model should I use: VOF, multiphase, or eulerian such that I got the two pahses are seprated; water is down and oil is above due to their densties?

Is there any one have did similar model before and can direct me?

Best Regards, Naser

siao fei June 7, 2006 17:02

Re: multiphase model & separation
i think using Eulerian is a good choice. however, patch the pipe first for the water and oil level before u start simulating, to make sure the level is separated. it is kinda difficult to run the simulation without patching, and wait for the separation due to their density and gravity.

naser June 7, 2006 18:30

Re: multiphase model & separation
Thank you siao for your kind reply.

What do you mean by "patching"?

Maciej June 7, 2006 19:45

Re: multiphase model & separation
patching is second, optional step of initialisation. First you initialize whole volume to contain e.g. water and then you patch the upper part with lighter oil phase. So you have to make Adapt/Region - that region, when you create it (Mark), will be accesible in the panel Solve/Initialize/Patch.

naser June 8, 2006 04:08

Re: multiphase model & separation
Thanks Maciej

Still I think It's bettere if I got a tutorial for simulating a model similar to mine...any one can help??

kotan June 9, 2006 06:12

Re: multiphase model & separation
How can we initialize volume fraction for annular flow?

initialize and patch is not good way for annular flow.

thanks already for your answers

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