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Peter Pan Zhang June 9, 2006 03:21

Unsteady simulation on the flow around Naca0012
I am going to simulate the unsteady vortex shedding from a stalled airfoil NACA0012 by FLUENT6.2. The chord length is 1m and the incoming flow veloctiy is about 10m/s, these yeild the Reynolds number at the order of 10e5. At attack angle 20, the flow around the airfoil should be unsteady from previous studies, and there are unsteady vortex shedding.

I can get the unsteady result using laminar equation, but when I change the equation to SST k-w or k-w model, the unsteady vortex shedding is gone and just a steady separation zone on the upside of the airfoil exist. The min distance of the mesh to the wall is set to make sure y+<1 and the mesh in the wake of the airfoil also be refined. I use the same grid and parameter settings to simulate the flow around circular cylinder, and can predict the unsteady force corretly.

So I don't know what's wrong with my case, anyboby who has done similar simulation can give me some advises. Thanks!

Tom June 9, 2006 11:25

Re: Unsteady simulation on the flow around Naca001
You'll need to use the V2F model for viscousity. There's a UDF posted free on the internet, I think it's from a German university, or you can pay a bit extra for Fluent to release their built-in model. The second option is much easier to get working.

Hope this helps, tom

Peter Pan June 11, 2006 19:53

Re: Unsteady simulation on the flow around Naca001
HI, Tom Thanks for your reply

I have searched the information about the V2F model in Fluent, and enabled it by commond text. But this model need a special license and I can not find it. How can I get the free UDF file you mentioned and how to use it? The built-in model are the DES or LES models? I have used DES model to simulate, but the lift for stalled naca0012 airfoil is too larger(predicted cl=1.0,but it should less than 0.8 in experiment). So I cannot use it directly, maybe I need adjust some parameters in DES model to get excellent results but I cannot find the way.

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