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mateus June 13, 2006 00:25

write profile - journal file

I did a unsteady simulation and saved the dat files. Now I want to export the data (velocity on a defined plane) as a text file (or ascii).

How do I write a journal file so that fluent does it automaticly? It must go something like this (write profile command)..

rd/0001.dat file/write-profile/0001/plane-1/x-coordinate/y-coordinate/velocity

rd/0002.dat file/write-profile/0002/plane-1/x-coordinate/y-coordinate/velocity

...and so on.

But when I run journal it doesnt work. I think the problem is when fluent asks to define the second plane but I only want one. What is the text command to "move on" to the next step?

Thanks in advance!


Gernot June 13, 2006 04:26

Re: write profile - journal file
as far as I know a return ( for move on ) in the journal-file should be enough to move on. In the text comand line you can check how far the comands are executed correct Open the journal file, go to the comand that is not executed correct and press return. save and try to run again. hope that helps

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