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HAR June 13, 2006 18:54

XY Plot vs Flow time
Could anybody tell me how to plot an XYplot of something vs flow time?, Example: Volume faction vs Flow time?

Any suggestion?


Fabrice June 13, 2006 23:06

Re: XY Plot vs Flow time

This is what I answered to another Fluent user, it should help you....

So for the display of the velocity defined by your UDF, you can do as followed:

Solve->monitors->surface.Increase the counter to 1.Tick "plot" if you want to plot the velocity profile during the calculation and "write" if you want to save a file. Under "every" select "time step". Then click "define". Under "report type" select "area-weighted average", under "X axis" select "flow time", under "report of" select "velocity"->"velocity magnitude" (or X-velocity or Y-velocity, it depends on which component of the velocity you define). Under "surfaces", select the right surface of your boundary. Click "ok" and then run the calculation. Be aware that Fluent will compute the absolute value of the velocity on the boundary.....

If you save a file and then want to plot it, go in the plot panel, select "file" and then "add" and click "plot". Check if the results are good (it will be the absolute value...).



HAR June 14, 2006 10:12

Re: XY Plot vs Flow time

Thanks for the information!

HAR June 16, 2006 01:25

Re: XY Plot vs Flow time
Right now I can plot many variables vs Flow Time. However, ones the simulation finishes and I reopen the file, when I try to load the same XY plots, these have different axis X,Y. Example: I load the graph Mass-flow-rate vs flow time that I did during the simulation, and the plot shows pressure vs position because it is what panel has for default and I cannot change the X axis to flow time again.

How can I reopen de graphs Something vs Flowtime again with the same variables as axis?

Thanks a lot.


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