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nabeel June 14, 2006 01:21

need some suggestion
hi, Any body know how perodic boundary condition is made in gambit i have problem in linkinh meshes any help or any tutorial nabeel

Lee June 14, 2006 09:51

Re: need some suggestion
Can you specify the problem in detail?

steve June 14, 2006 12:22

Re: need some suggestion

for example, if you want to define two opposite faces F1 and F2 of a cube as periodic, 1. applying meshing schme for the faces of cube. 2. Then link the faces F1 and F2 by using commands in Face mesh panel. 3. Now apply volume meshing schemefor the cube. 4. In define boundary conditions panel, select faces F1 & F2 and define them as periodic.

This is one of easy way to define periodic boundary conditions. you can also define periodic boundary conditions in FLUENT for non conformal meshes.

hope it helps you!


nabeel June 16, 2006 02:10

Re: need some suggestion
hi i am just doing a mixer analysis and there i used periodic boundary condition as given in tutorial so i have used symmetry boundary conditions it does not work b/c i not very high force second my volume integral is mush higher than expect any suggestion please tell me

nabeel June 27, 2006 00:36

Re: need some suggestion
hi i am doing problem in 2d and i linked edges of blades face with outer shroud face edges and set interior boundary conditions in gambit but when i import them in fluent it gives error that then cannot be interior.plz help in this regard

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