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George Gerber June 15, 2006 03:51

Mixture-model typo in FLUENT6.2 documentation?
Hello. Regarding FLUENT's mixture model: Equation 24.3-11 defines the relationship between drift-velocity, MASS FRACTION and relative velocity.

The document in FLUENT's Bibliography [216](Manninen et al.) defines drift velocity as "the velocity of the dispersed phase relative to that of the volume centre of a mixture" (p.20). Manninen also defines diffusion velocity as "the velocity of phase k relative to the centre of the mixture mass" (p.18). In Manninen (p.20) they define the relationship between drift-velocity, VOLUME FRACTION and relative velocity.

According to Manninen it appears as if FLUENT is using a diffusion velocity equation and presenting it as the definition for drift-velocity.

George Gerber June 19, 2006 12:10

Re: Mixture-model typo in FLUENT6.2 documentation?
Due to lack of respones I am giving the link to Manninen et al. It can be found at:

Regards George

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