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mech June 15, 2006 09:02

staggered grid-----------------
Hi In fluent which grid scheme is used? If I want to use staggered grid then how I can use it? If any body knows please help me. Mech

Fabrice June 18, 2006 07:09

Re: staggered grid-----------------

with Fluent you can't create a grid!!! Just read a grid file. To create your grid, use for example Gambit. And for a staggered grid, I advise you to use size fonctions (there is a chapter dedicated to this part in the Gambit manual).


mech June 20, 2006 20:16

Re: staggered grid-----------------
Hi I use gambit for meshing. In my simulation I need to put field variables like pressure, density etc. at cell center and velocity at face center i.e. I need the scheme of staggered grid. I want to know is there any option in Fluent to set this variable at my desired places or I have to create staggered grid from gambit. If from gambit please refer the section number where I may get the procedure of creating staggered grid. Thank you Fabrice you your suggestion. Thank you all. Mech

Fabrice June 20, 2006 23:00

Re: staggered grid-----------------
Hi Mech,

So to mesh your domain with a staggered grid and the use of size functions, have a look at the section 5.2 of Gambit manual.

To set your variables, you need to define an UDF, I think (but not sure...) with the macro DEFINE_ADJUST (section 4.2.1 of UDF manual).



mech June 21, 2006 23:48

Re: staggered grid-----------------
Hi Fabrice Thank you for you suggestion. I will try to do accordingly. Mech

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