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Vidya Raja June 15, 2006 16:50

Boundary type specification

I have a UDF which describes the fluid flow into my model. It is an unsteady one in the fom of an offset sine wave. While specifying boundary types in Gambit, should I give it as VELOCITY INLET or MASS FLOW INLET?

I do not have any particulate matter and I'm just modeling human blood flow. I'm simulating blood entering a cylinder (supposed to mimic an artery). So what should my inlet boundary condition be?

Thanks, Vidya

Thiyagarajandhayalan June 16, 2006 00:12

Re: Boundary type specification
for incompressible flows,giving velocity inlet seems to b easy for me than giving mass flow inlet.anyway the mass flow will b calculated based on constant density and area. so prefer velocity inlet. reg... Thiyaga.

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