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dave rose June 16, 2006 04:24

F1 Flexi Wing 'Explained' Please
hi guys,

iv'e posted here before and you guys out their either directly or indirectly involved in the Aero Dept of F1 Teams have been a help in explaining certain questions.

I understand you're employment clauses & have no desire to broach those in any way, so if you can help with simple explanations, that'd be great.

Can you please help with the explanation as to why straight line speed in an F1 car is enhanced with the Flexi Wing as 'seen' to be used by certain F1 teams.

Appreciate you're help. Dave.

Source Motor racing's governing body has moved to bring an end to renewed concerns about flexi-wings in Formula One by implementing immediate changes to the rear wing regulations, can reveal. FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting has written to the teams advising them that, from the Canadian Grand Prix, slot-gap separators will have to be added to their rear wings in a bid to ensure that no teams' wings can flex at high speed.

Frank June 28, 2006 04:25

Re: F1 Flexi Wing 'Explained' Please

Very simple, Flexi wings allow the gap between the first and the second element to be closed at high speed, so that the wing assy stalls, then the downforce and the associated drag decrease. Less drag, more speed...


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