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William Kong June 16, 2006 09:16

Fluent Melting Feature
My project is basically a heat transfer study of two solids touching eachother. One of the solids has an applied heat flux to one face, and the other solid is supposed to melt.

The tutorial on Solidification/Melting for Fluent 6 doesn't help me much. I haven't been able to find much information on the melting feature for a 3d application elsewhere.

My questions: 1) One of the differences between using and not using the Melting feature is in defining a material and its property. For fluids you have added inputs of solidus temp, liquidus temp, and melting heat. However, there are no changes in terms of inputs for solids. So how do make my solid melt? Yes it's going to become a liquid eventually so I can just define the volumes as "liquid metal" but what do I put for viscosity for the beginning when it is just a solid? Can I have an infinite viscosity in the beginning and have it decrease with temperature as the solid melts?

Lim July 6, 2006 02:00

Re: Fluent Melting Feature
Hi William,

I'm having some problems in solidification/melting model too.

I have this sphere container containing PCM (initially solid), where hot water will be cicurlating around the outer surface of the sphere.

should VOF be used? I need to see the phase change of the PCM.

Can u pls help...

as for ur case. can't u just treat the 2nd matl' as liquid at the initial stage, then adjus the value of the heat flux. have u try it b4?


zomayabssa June 19, 2014 12:52

Hi Guys!

Iíve exactly the same problem as Williams. Is it possible to give an infinite value for viscosity ones it becomes solid when using the "solidification and melting mode" in Fluent??
Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and suggestions, :rolleyes:


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