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Ralf Schmidt June 16, 2006 10:12

running Fluent on a DUAL CORE system
Hi all!

We want to get a new PC System, to run Fluent on. It is a dual core system. Can Fluent run without problems on that machine? Has anyone experience with that kind of setup??

The Fluent webside says, it runs on a MD64/Opteron platform with Operating System: SUSE 9.0, 9.1; SUSE SLES 9 and 64 bit.

The system we want to buy is a: 2 x AMD DualCore Opteron 270 (2Ghz) Sockel 940 FSB1000, 2MB Cache with 8 x 1GB DDR RAM /PC400 ECC reg.Single Rank.

Are there any restrictions with the use of shared fluent licences ("Academic renewal", licence type: floating)?

Are there better machines for the same price (about 3000 Euro)??

Thanks for help


Evan Rosenbaum June 19, 2006 15:58

Re: running Fluent on a DUAL CORE system
Two cores = two licenses. FLUENT has told us that a dual core will NOT perform like a dual processor. It will be faster than a single-core single-CPU machine, but still slower than a true dual-CPU box. Bandwidth is king, so get the fastest FSB you can in a dual-core.

kerem June 20, 2006 07:15

Re: running Fluent on a DUAL CORE system
Hi Ralf, hi Evan,

I can't compare it with a true dual-CPU machine, but to my experience, it is indeed much faster than a single-core one.



grisu June 20, 2006 10:21

Re: running Fluent on a DUAL CORE system
If I run 2 single jobs on a dual core machine, fluent is approx. 2-3 % slower than if I run these jobs on separate machines (comparison done with AMD X2 4200/AMD 3500 @ 2.2 GHz).

Same is valid when doing parallel jobs - the speedup compared to single cpu is approximatly the same as if you use 2 cpus (anyway - the speedup will only be 1.5-1.7 times, depending on the models you use).

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