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summer June 26, 2006 14:34

The residuals in FLUENT
Hello,everyone. I have a simple question about the residuals in FLuent. Are the resduals in FLUENT relative value or absolute value? I have finished a calculation with the residual of 10-4. When I continue the calculations, the residuals don't change any more. Is is a satisfied result? Need I change some parameters to get better result? Thanks!

Pratik Mehta June 28, 2006 08:09

Re: The residuals in FLUENT
i think they are relative values , if u observe no change in the result of your residual then i think you should stop your iterations , but make sure u see these behaviour well below in negative directions like negative 5 or 6 or whatever u have set in th residual check

i hope i have answered you


summer June 28, 2006 09:31

Re: The residuals in FLUENT
Thanks very much. Best wishes.

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