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Aireen June 27, 2006 09:38

Dynamic contact angle
Hi, is it possible to have a dynamic contact angle (by writing udf for example), hooked into VOF. The default setting for VOF is a static contact angle. Appreciate yr help.

sidd July 2, 2006 04:16

Re: Dynamic contact angle

Its very much possible, but its too cumbersome, cant be done with an UDF ...have to make lot changes in the CSF model of VOF along with it...better i wud suggest you to work with LS or look to combine LS and VOF.....or, just wait for few months Fluent 6.3 is goin to have dynamic CA incorporation

aireen July 5, 2006 13:14

Re: Dynamic contact angle
Hi Sidd, Thx for yr response. What is LS?

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