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Vidya June 27, 2006 13:53

Unstructured/ structured grid

Can anyone explain the differences between a structured and an unstructured grid? What are the applications of each and when/ where do we use them?

I'm having trouble meshing my geometry in Gambit and was thinking of using Tgrid to generate the mesh. But I have no idea of how to use it. Can it accept files from CAD programs like Pro/E? My geometry was created in Pro/E.

Thanks, Vidya

freeman June 29, 2006 18:34

Re: Unstructured/ structured grid
well, you wonna take any CFD fundamental book in that regards. search it through this website or wikipedia, they have good info in that regards.

in short: structure mesh is structured as the english word and the same applied to the opposite. the structured tends to have 'regilar' mesh which is good for simple geometry. however, if the geo is complex, getting a structured mesh is difficult. to explain it more: take s regular cube or a box. it has a fine difined geo and easily to create mesh or grid on it. but take a circular cylinder,because of it curve surfaces getting a regular mesh that resemble its configuration will be difficult than a cube. so in that case you might consider go for irregular form with say octagonal or some of that nature shape.

for a bl flow, you might consider structure mesh since it'll allow you to resolve well near the wall while unstructure will not be able to achieve good y+ value. I must say that, the USM tends to have more number of elements and that will reqiure high computing power and time.

Gambit should be able to accept proE. check the USER manual for that and also your license if that feature is added. Also, you need to spend time on Gambit and study it features. It comes with various form of meshing SM(hexa:cooper, submap, map, etc) and UNM(tet).

all the best and welcome to it..

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