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Mary June 29, 2006 16:01

Torque calcuation
How can I calculate the torque of the impeller blade in a stirred tank reactor?

mAx June 29, 2006 23:17

Re: Torque calcuation
Report/Force Choose Moment and the axis-rotation (also the center of rotation) of your impeller

Mary June 30, 2006 08:56

Re: Torque calcuation
Thanks 4 yr mail. Can u use this moment as a criterion for the stability of my model? If it does converge, do u know why?

mAx July 3, 2006 00:53

Re: Torque calcuation
sure: if you monitor the torque on a piston and it doesn't remain stabil (oscillations) then it is possible that you have unsteady phenomen

Fluent learner July 3, 2006 09:49

Re: Torque calcuation
Hey Mary,

I have been trying to model rotating blades. Can youn tell me how you set up Fluent for the case of your impeller blades?

Mary July 6, 2006 19:53

Re: Torque calcuation
How do u mean? Have u modelled your tank? If so, u read yr case file into fluent. there are two methods: Multiple frame of reference or Sliding mesh. Check Fluent tutorial for this. does this help

Fluent learner July 11, 2006 10:50

Re: Torque calcuation
Actually my case is not of impeller blades, it is of rotating helicopter blades, so there is no tank, there is only a pressure far-field. Can you tell me how to set up the problem? I have tried to make the fluid rotate in a direction opposite to that of the blades and keep the walls stationary (in this rotating frame). But this does not give the correct solution. I have looked up the fluent tutorials, but since they only show 2D cases in them, they were not much of a help. I checked some previous posts on this forum too, but the problem is not resolved. Can you tell me step-by-step, how you set up the wall and fluid boundary conditions for the case? I am using a Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model, coupled implicit solver. Thanks in advance, this will be great help.


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