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Mech July 4, 2006 22:30

pressure gradient???
Hi Hey everyone. How to define pressure gradient in fluent. I know there is a macro C_P_G(c,t) to define pressure gradient. But i need dimentionless pressure gradient. So I need to define it as dp/dx. Where dp is the pressure difference and dx is the distance between adjacent cell centers. Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance. Mech

tomik July 5, 2006 02:28

Re: pressure gradient???
Hi Mech, You could defined pressure gradient using a macro C_P_G(c,t)[i]: dp/dx as C_P_G(c,t)[0], dp/dy as C_P_G(c,t)[1], dp/dz as C_P_G(c,t)[2].

I hope I help you. Tomik

Mech July 5, 2006 07:25

Re: pressure gradient???
Hi Tomik What you written is known to me. I already mentioned how to express pressure gradient by using macros.Perhaps you did not understand. Please read my writing carefully. Anyway thank you for your response.

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