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Edwin July 6, 2006 12:11

Two-phase open channel flow
I could do with some help on this. I'm trying to model flow in an open surface pond. How do I create a gambit model that allows for two-phase flow? The tutorials don't help as they apply an axis of symmetry, which this pond doesn't have. Further, once i get it done, how do i run this model with Fluent? What parameters particularly do i need to look out for? What equation models are recommended if im trying to study the effects of bluff bodies in the flow? I'm experimenting with the k-epsilon equations currently. Thanks guys.

greg July 6, 2006 15:54

Re: Two-phase open channel flow
try adapt/region/(define regions of phases) go to: initialize/patch (choose adapted region, let say you`ve adapted bottom part of channel so write one for this part of your chanel)

wich model to use ?? It depend if your flow is laminar or turbulent

Edwin July 6, 2006 20:05

Re: Two-phase open channel flow
Thank you very much for your reply. However i'm still not sure how to generate a region to specify the phases. Since i'm modelling a 3-D volume, how do you suggest i define the regions in Gambit before going to the Fluent??Do i create another volume or shall i just seperate the 2 regions with different phases by using a surface??

Thank you.

draussen July 11, 2006 02:21

Re: Two-phase open channel flow
In Gambit you can just seperate your volume and define them as different zones!!! Gambit Zones Command Button - Specify Continuum Command Button! You can name your zones on your own here! During exporting them to fluent, fluent it self names the different zones again with interior! I do not know why, but there is no problem with it!!

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