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Vidya July 7, 2006 14:39

Fluent errors
Hi, I have a couple questions:

1. At the start of my simulation in Fluent, I checked the box to plot the residuals. Then when I hit PLOT on the bottom button of the panel, I get this error:

Error: CAR: invalid number [1]: wrong type: not a pair

What does this eman and how can it be corrected?

2. After running the simulation and convergence of the solution, I wanted to look at the display of the velocity vectors, contours etc. But when I select certain regions, Fluent just crashes (in other words, just vanishes from the computer even before I could save anything). Why does this happen?

3. I inserted my model (which was mported from Pro/E) into a cylinder created in Gambit and then subtracted the volume of the model from that of the cylinder to get the flow domain. When I run the simulation in steady flow with the simplest constraints (for velocity and pressure), Fluent takes forever to compute and finally runs out of memory....... is this because of something wrong with the model or the mesh? My final goal is to run the case with an unsteady velocity inlet condition. But Fluent seems to be failing even with the steady flow (i.e., keeps computing forever with no convergence of solution).

Does anyone have any suggestions/ answers?

Thanks, VR

kevin July 8, 2006 03:56

Re: Fluent errors
i was confronted with the first kind of problem once i read the .cas and date files wich were saved under FLUENT6.1 into 6.2

Steve Silvester July 10, 2006 04:40

Re: Fluent errors

In answer to your first question the error you're getting always occurs when you initialise a simulation and then try to plot the residuals - basically the simulation hasn't started so there is nothing to plot, that's why you get the reported error. It doesn't actually mean anything so is not a problem, instead of hitting 'plot' hit 'ok' and you won't get the error message but as I said it has no implications for your simulation.


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