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Vidya July 7, 2006 15:00

Shear stresses

After running a simulation in Fluent, how do we get the values of shear stresses? I want to get a plot as well as the values.

Also, how do we get the values of the parameters at a particular location on the geometry? Say, for eg, I want the values of velocity, shear stress, pressure etc on the wing part of my geometry...... is there any way to get these values just at that location? I need to run the case with both steady and unsteady velocity (using a UDF).


Steve Silvester July 10, 2006 04:59

Re: Shear stresses

Shear stresses are to be found through >Display>Contours>Wall Fluxes - shear stress. To obtain values at specified locations just select the surface you're interested in and plot the contour on it. If you want an xy plot the same applies. Use the >Surface menu to create specific points, lines etc you want to plot along. You can export any data on any surface through >File>Export in text format if you need to look at data in an external program such as excel.


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