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Ryan July 10, 2006 13:17

Exporting data to MATLAB
Hi everyone!

I am trying to export data from my simulation to MATLAB to do some plots (2D and 3D) not available in FLUENT 6.1. I've been reading the user's manual, but I can't determine the proper format to get MATLAB to read the data correctly. The best results I've gotten so far are when I use File-->Export--> Data Explorer (.dx). Is this correct, or is there a way that actually makes sense and is easier to determine what data goes with what? Thanks!

Cheers, Ryan

Ralf Schmidt July 11, 2006 02:11

Re: Exporting data to MATLAB

use file->write->profile

select the surface (line/point/volume) and the values you want to postprocess. Fluent writes a file, that looks like that:







Now, use that program, to sort them in matlab:

Hope, it helps


Fab July 12, 2006 06:41

Re: Exporting data to MATLAB

another way would be to the results into ensight format and use vtk together with matlab to get direct access to it. Or you use right away vtk together with python/scipy/numpy which should be almost as powerfull as matlab, but for free :)

Greetings! Fab

P.S. If you have to stick to matlab syntax, use octave with octaviz ...

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