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greg July 10, 2006 15:54

haw to get access to one species from mixure? I want to do an if-else statement over one species from mixture. It should be something like this: if thread = fluid thread and species = species 1 (there is two species in micture) than..... etc. is it possible?? Can you tell me how to write this ? thank you for your time

cax July 11, 2006 03:46

Re: species
hi. what do you want to do with your species in the mixture?if you want to define properties, you can use a DEFINE macro,in which cell,thread and species identities are passed as arguments. for example, a DEFINE_DIFFUSIVITY macro should be written with i the species ID DEFINE_DIFFUSIVITY(yourfonction,c,t,i) { if i=1 ..... else ... end }

hope it will help u

greg July 11, 2006 04:53

Re: species
thanks for reply. I want one species to boil. One species has 373 K boiling temperature and another has 800K. I`m trying to do it with DEFINE_SOURCE nad DEFINE_MASS_TRANSFER but I all species from fluid phase boil together. I though that it will be possible to do a loop over only one species. thank you for your time

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