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Edwin July 12, 2006 14:10

Gambit Meshing complex geometry
Hi guys. Having a big problem here. Im trying to mesh a highly complicated 3D geometry of a dam. My computer hangs before it even begins to start the meshing. The sources are incorrect. What do you suggest i choose for sources and how do i make it fast. Further, what meshing scheme should i use?

ztdep July 14, 2006 02:08

Re: Gambit Meshing complex geometry
I think your computer hangs, because the quanlity of the mesh is too large! did you use the unstructed grid system! i strongly suggest you use a multiblock structed grid !


cip July 19, 2006 15:02

Re: Gambit Meshing complex geometry

my idee is to create small volumes linked togheter and to mesh them one at the time. the best is to realise a structured mesh. it takes time and you have to have imagination. normaly with an unstructured scheme it cames fester. try to cut your domains in slices.

b regards cip

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