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mimibenben July 12, 2006 22:14

Is the drag coefficient right?
How to know you get the right number of drag coefficient,lift coefficient and moment coefficient?

Or generally,how big are these coefficients?


ramp July 13, 2006 02:22

Re: Is the drag coefficient right?
Compare the values you obtain with some experimental or computational results available in the literature.

well, the drag values depends on the flow type and schematics... for instance.. at low Re flow (creeping flows), the value may be of the order of 1000 but at high Re it may of the order of 1....

mimibenben July 13, 2006 22:08

Re: Is the drag coefficient right?
My question:

3D missile,Mach=0.6,coupled,explicit,steady,

pressure-far-field:guage pressure=101000,

pressure-outlet:guage pressure=101000,

my caculation results:

drag coefficient = 3.335276 lift coefficient = 0.001501 moment coefficient = 0.001899

and I'm not sure if the results are right,could you help me?

Thanks a lot!!!!!

mimibenben July 13, 2006 22:14

Re: Is the drag coefficient right?
By the way,

My referencearea=PI*missileRadius^2=8.5609608


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