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Pedro Romero July 18, 2006 15:18

How to automate number-crunching in Fluent

I am generating a lot of information with FLUENT using the same geometry and fluid. Basically, I just have to change four numbers to simulate another scenario (four inlet velocities as boundary conditions). However, I do not know yet how to do it automatically (I have to type in every new scenario) so that I can leave the computer run for a while and retrieve all the results after all the calculations were carried out. By now, I just want to be able to run and save each case, but if you can tell me too how to post-process it automatically, that would be better!!!


Pedro R

jasond July 18, 2006 15:54

Re: How to automate number-crunching in Fluent
The details will depend on exactly what you want to do, but you should look into the use of journal files. Pretty much anything that you do in the UI can be recorded and played back, including postprocessing. Since you can edit a journal file with a regular text editor, once you have the setup/calculation/postprocessing done once (and recorded in a journal file), you can do some cutting-and-pasting, change whatever you need to, and complete multiple runs without having to do anything manually.


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