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Mech July 18, 2006 21:18

staggered grid????
Hi Any body have clear idea about how to use staggered grid in fluent? I need it very much. I will be grateful if any body can help me. Thanks. Mech

Luca Cavagna July 19, 2006 01:58

Re: staggered grid????
Fluent does not use staggered grid. Please have a look at the user guide. Luca

Mech July 19, 2006 20:28

Re: staggered grid????
Hi Luca Thank you for your advice. I need to evaluate pressure gradient. This should be nondimensionalized so in difference form that is pressure difference of cell and face centers divided by their distance. But without staggered grid I can not do it. Have a nice time. Mech

Luca Cavagna July 20, 2006 01:42

Re: staggered grid????
Fluent enables you some UDF functions to give you directly pressure gradient. have a look ad Fluent UDF guide. Luca

Nico July 20, 2006 11:26

Re: staggered grid????
Just interpolate pressure gradients of faces centres.

mech August 6, 2006 22:20

Re: staggered grid????
Dear Nico Can you explain it elaborately how to do that? Mech

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