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Miguel July 19, 2006 10:54

meshing 3 connected volumes with gambit
Hello dear colleages! I will greatly appreciate any help on meshing with Gambit.

I want to have a splitted and connected/bidierctional three volumes.

The first volume (the Gas diffusion layer)is 45 X 45 X 0.2 units, the second (Bipolar plate) is 55 X 55 X 1 units, the third one (the flowfield) is 1 unit deepnes and 1 unit breith channel. This flowfield is inside the second volume.

All are concentric and have contact.

I cannot get to mesh the second volume with hexahedral cells. Just tetrahedral (wich are useless due to our limited PC capacity of 4 GB RAM) The failure i get when using hexahedral is a logical cube for meshing is not found.

I have tried to mesh all edeges, faces and then volumes, but at the end, even when I have simetrically meshed all the faces, I donīt get the volume meshed.

I will greatly appreciate any suggestions!


RoM July 20, 2006 05:50

Re: meshing 3 connected volumes with gambit
Can you post a picture of your domain? A hardcopy with "connectivity option" turned on would be best to understand you problem better.


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