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JCRC July 23, 2006 11:29

premixed laminar flame
Hi, I have a problem with the premixed laminar flame simulation of methane-air. After the ignition, i change the solver fron segregated to coupled, but the program showme a message: FLUENT recevied fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION). The simulation no start when the solver is coupled and it no converge when the solver is segregated.

Thanks, JCRC

Nitesh July 23, 2006 13:39

Re: premixed laminar flame

Can you please let me know how did you specify the mixtre material in Fluent. WhenI tried to start model my case the mixture propeties in the species window was disabled.

I fllowed this procedure

1. Read my mesh 2. Specify segregated solver 3. Define>model>species>Transport and Reaction>Premixed

After this the mixture material property was disabled and I couldnt specify any mixture

Please help me if you have any tutorial in fluent related with modelling of premixed combustion


Vaibhav July 25, 2006 05:33

Re: premixed laminar flame

You can not run premixed combustion model with coupled solvers. you must use segregated solver for this.

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