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arazgaldy July 25, 2006 04:35

cavitation modeling and pressure distribution
Dear all cfd members,

I modeled the three kinds of problem in cavitation mode in fluent:

1-2-D nozzele 2-2-D hydrofoil naca0015 3-3-D marine propeller

but in all of these three cases i encountered a problem that pressure distribution falls some blew vapor pressure . fore example if define the vapor pressure 3500 pascal, then when cavitation occure i get pressure about 2500 pascal in cavitation region.

in my opinion this can not be true.

is ther any body to help me about this problem.



Frodo July 25, 2006 16:22

Re: cavitation modeling and pressure distribution
Is your case compressible, your cavitation region should be compressed and have a pressure closer to 3500 Pascal minus the surface tension forces.

Your results seems wrong because of the setup


arazgaldy July 26, 2006 02:29

Re: cavitation modeling and pressure distribution
Dear Fredo: Thanks for your answer.

I decided to run with another method.In previous methods i only run the cases in steady condition but now i decided to run the problems in unsteady conditions from lower velocities to desires higher velocities. I think in this way may be i get better results.

thank again for your kindness.

best regards:


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