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Rana July 26, 2006 02:16

Postprocess of Fluent for unsteady problem
I have finished a unsteady heat transfer caculation and autosave the data every 300s and got a lot of case and data files in my calculation directory.

I need to get data (for example temperatures) of the cells at specifed positions with time. But I must get the data by opening a file every time. Does it exist convenient ways to get the data at different time steps?

Can the UDF help sovle this problem? If it can, Could you give some tips about the programing?


James Willie July 26, 2006 02:38

Re: Postprocess of Fluent for unsteady problem

You can use monitoring points to do this......guess this helps, if you need the detailed command, let me know.


Rana July 26, 2006 21:25

Re: Postprocess of Fluent for unsteady problem

Thanks for your reply! In fact, I have tried the mothods before and met some problems.

1) For example, I can't get the Max or Min temperature in caculating fields.

2) The method require save the data every time step (or iteration). For example, I would like get the data per 300s and my time step is only 1s.

3) In fact, I find the size of monitor file may be limited. Because when the caculation reaches certain step, this file limited our caculation.

Maybe I didn't give right setting. Please give me some tips!

Does it have other ways? I want to use UDF, for example use C_t(c,t)? Do you have some experience about use of C_t(c,t)?



James July 27, 2006 01:56

Re: Postprocess of Fluent for unsteady problem

I didn't undersatnd your question too well. I have not had such a problem...what I am doing now is simply writing out area weighted values at every time step in specified planes along my x-axis. It is true that UDF might be a way out of your problem.

I have not had any experience with C_t(c,t). You can also save your data file at the frequency you wish but in that case, it is the entire data file that will be saved and so space might be a problem here. There should be another way out.

Best wishes with your search and do let me know if anything good comes out. I will be checking.



Raj Kiran Grandhi August 11, 2006 03:04

Re: Postprocess of Fluent for unsteady problem
Use the journal and transcript features of FLUENT. Start fluent and select File->Write->Start Journal File->Write->Start Transcript Do your post-processing stuff. Printing values of variables, saving xy plot data, etc.

Change the names of case/data files in the journal file, run it in fluent and extract the relavant data from the transcript files.

HTH, Raj Kiran

Rana August 21, 2006 04:30

Re: Postprocess of Fluent for unsteady problem
Hi,Raj Kiran

Thanks for your reply! But when I run the journal file, it seems still meet problem. Could you give me more detail steps? For example,how to run journal file in fluent. Do I neet stop the journal and transcript files when I finish the postprocess?



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