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Ant July 27, 2006 06:36

RTD--> Mixing vessel Multiphase
Hi Guys,

I am looking at generating the RTD for dispersed phase in a Multiphase flow in a mixing vessel. It is two phase Liq-gas. Gaseous phase consists of 2 component comp1 & comp2.

We have the latest version of Fluent.

1. Can DPM method be used for this? I do not see any panel in DPM where I can specify the total number of particles.

2. If I introduce a new species and run for RTD switching off all other equations the residence time predicted is less than expected.

Presently I have to introduce a species and run for RTD with all equations switched on to get more accurate values. It takes a week for the simulations to completed. Is there any better option?

Regards, Ant

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