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madhukar July 28, 2006 04:40

calculating intensity of a light
hi all,

(this problem is not related directly to a fluent simulation, but i need this in post processing)

I want to calculate the intensity field resulting due to a UV lamp in side glass cylinder located at a distance from the lamp. The lamp is sorrunded 3 sides by reflectors such that 90% of the light power is reflected. now i have to calculate the intensity of the light inside the circularglass cylinder due to the UV lamp.

Here i know how to calculate the intensity with out the reflection, please some one tell me how to include the effect of the reflection.

(for clear understanding: I have a circular glass cylinder in xyz plane, and a UV lamp is located at a distance xcm from the cylinder. this UV lamp is sorrounded 3 sides by reflecting plates, so that the light rays are reflected to the flow field, now how to calculate the total intensity, inside the flow field, due to the UV lamp)

Thanks in advance

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