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Vidya July 30, 2006 21:59

Incresing trend of residuals
Hi all,

In my simulation, the solution is not converging at all and the residuals always show an incresing trend and go even up to 10e+12 and higher.

My geometry is complex and has sharp edges and curved surfaces. The flow is laminar, though. The density and viscosity of the fluid are 1050 kg/m3 and 0.004 kg/m-s respectively. Will a highly skewed geometry like mine induce turbulence with a fluid like the one I'm using? Assuming this, I also tried running the case with k-e and k-w models. I also trie the coupled solver.

However, nothing worked and my solution never converged. My inlet velocity is 0.175 m/s. I also tried reducing the under- relaxation factors, etc.

Can anyone tell me what might be messed up in my simulation?

Thanks a lot.

pavan August 13, 2006 23:57

Re: Incresing trend of residuals
hi, In my opinion, you have to change the mesh. Create a fine mesh where ever you've curvatures. Try to run the laminar case again. I think it should work now.

all the best pavan

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