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Giannis July 31, 2006 16:12

heat exchanger
I'm trying to model a condenser which is part of a refrigeration cycle with the heat exchanger model that fluent provides. First of all I'm not sure if the geometry for the core I'm using (just a rectangular) is the right one. The boundary conditions I'm using are velocity inlet and outflow. Are these correct? I also have problems with the coolant R134a. I found R134a in the nist list model but when you chose a material from nist model than you have to work with that material only as the materials panel is off (I am not sure but I think that air is needed also to define the boundary parameters for inlet and outlet). I don't know how to define the coolant myselfe as its properties are not constant especially enthalpy when the coolant is in a two phase state. The manual is useless or I have not read enough. So I need help from you THANKS!!!

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