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Vidya July 31, 2006 21:53

Velocity vectors clipping

After my simulation, I want to see the velocity in the Xz and YZ panes such that 0<=z<= 2 to 3 D

where D= diameter of the geometry and

Z= some specified distance in the Z direction.

In the display- velocity vectors panel, I find that we can clip the vectors according to the velocity range. But is there any way where we can clip the vectors to see just a certain part (or length) of the flow field (in my case, some distance in the Z direction, since the flow is in this direction)?

Also, how can I find the residence time of the fluid in my geometry? I'm not injecting anything into my flow. I was told that we can get residence times from the velocity contours, but I can't understand how that can be obtained? Can anyone please explain this to me?


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